Contact 7AA Command

How to Apply

Complete this application form.

Once we have receied your application, command will then consider your application. If your application is found to be satisfactory, a member of staff will then be in contact with you to schedule a voice meeting.

This meeting will take place on our Teamspeak server with Platoon leaders present. The intention of this meeting is to get a better idea about you, what your values are, what kind of a person you are, and whether or not you would be the right fit for the unit.

If you successfully make it past the above two stages, you will be asked (unless you have already done so at this point) to join the 7AA Discord server and to "Apply" to the Arma 3 Units page to collect the unit patch which we wear whenever we play.

You will then attend basic training and once you've passed this training, you will then be a fully fledged member of the 7AA!